Barovia Is Free

Count Strahd von Zarovich, Vampire Lord and bane of the land of Barovia – is dead. It took centuries of attacks, repeated defeat, and an eon of hope, but at long last the Curse of Strahd has been broken.

Mordenkainen, an Archmage from the world of Oerth (Greyhawk Campaign Setting), has opened portals to the various worlds the heroes are from. The majority returning to the Realms, Toril.

Having seen horrors never seen anywhere, you all feel relieved. Esmerelda though happy to be able to go home has politely refused. Instead choosing to fight the remaining evils of this land and to make sure the Curse never returns.

To that end, Allura handed her the Sunsword so that she may be able to expedite her mission. The Icon of Ravenloft & Tome of Strahd both were given to her also so that she may always have the means to do what is necessary should the need arise.

Eternally grateful, she left in search of Von Richten – her mentor, to persuade him to help and to thank him for keeping her alive and training her wit as well her prowess.

Sunlight filters down into the valley, piercing the clouds, the dissipating Mists and the villages below.

Barovia, at long last, is free.

Curse of Strahd D&D 5th Edition – Campaign End 01/11/2017 Elapsed Time 7 months 1 week

Gods & Monsters: Curse of Strahd

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