Gods & Monsters: Curse of Strahd

Loot and Night Hags

Assault on a burning Windmill

D&D 5th Edition Session 06/29/2016 Gods and Shitty Bartenders -

Previously on Curse of Strahd -

“Wow what a dick”exclaimed the drunk monk as he drank more of the vampire lord’s wine.

“I heard that!” shouted the disembodied voice of Strahd himself- shaking the castle walls as the Drunken Swords adventuring company made its way back to the creepy black carriage. After fighting some tree like zombies called night blights the group searched the grounds for anything the creatures may have stashed.


I awarded previous loot from the wraith / shadow strahd fight from the bondage pit – cool items included a mithral chain shirt and some gold gems.

Also awarded some potions and more coinage from the previous session – keeping it in line with the parties power level.

And now the continuation:

After taking a long rest you began your trek once again through the mountains along the Slavakia Road, it wasn’t long that something rather startling caught your eyes, A windmill off in the distance was in flame – though you couldn’t hear exactly what was going on from the distance you saw it – voices or screams could be heard over a quarter mile away. Hurriedly you ran up the jaunt from the road to where the fire and windmill were, But there was little time to investigate. Strange deformed old women were seen crawling strangely on their hands near the windmill. They cackled at you and warned you to stay away, but among the brimstone and wood embers, you heard children screams coming from the first floor of the windmill.

All of you dove into the fray, immediately attacking the first nighthag you saw. But they proved very powerful.. Gloria and Lisette managed to whittle one of them down while shawn’s character bravely went into the flames and rescued the captured children. The fight nearly going bad for one of the night hag’s – they plane shifted away from the battle – somewhere far from where the PCs were so they could lick their wounds.

Upon investigation into the windmill, you discovered that the night hags were the same ones capturing children or Barovia. Or more to the point – taking children from parents who gave them up so they could get the dream pastries they so much desired. Patries that were made from the bones of children that had souls.

Naturally the kids were grateful to have been rescued and are now accompanying you all down to Vallakia where a large inn and tavern with food and drink are waiting for you. There is a strange festival of sorts being planned soon – it would appear you all have arrived just in time for that….

What you don’t know in character, is that Tony’s group is also in town and will be having hilarity and role playing fun as both groups discover – we are all here. A chance to swap stories and choose new goals next week!



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