Gods & Monsters: Curse of Strahd

Having picked up a few more allies on their way to Castle Ravenloft, the party felt more energized than before about their chances of finally ridding themselves and this realm of one dreaded Vampire Lord named Count Strahd.

With thunder and lightning overhead, they once again made their way up a steep mountain path toward the castle battlements and gatehouse. Steep cliffs dropped away from them from either side giving way to vertigo if one looked over the side for very long.

The wind was fierce, and to make matters worse, what began as a dismal light rain became a torrid of water as they reached the entrance and courtyard of the immense Castle Ravenloft. There were no torches lit, that they could see. The only light came from frequent clashes of lightning bursting in the heavens all around them..

As they approached, a familiar fountain they had passed months ago and battled wights near had been filled in – its hidden stairs removed, the statue changed to that of a winged demon, though water still flowed out of it. Undeterred, Villa snuck up to the front double immense doors of the castle and made his way inside the front foyer.

The doors gave way to another small gatehouse of sorts revealing inner doors that snapped open as he and the others came forward. The entry hall beyond revealed four grand marble pillars and frescoes on the way depicting violent imagery. Statues of stone creatures surrounded the hall and torches were mysteriously lit here casting shadows everywhere.

But just as the remaining adventurers entered the halls, the stone statues cracked open showing their true nature – as Gargoyles!

Though greater in number, the gargoyles were no match for seasoned heroes of Barovia! The stone enemies flailed at them without mercy but not doing much in the way of hurting Fiolin and the others. Allura, sizing up the encroaching stone like creatures blasted them to near nothing will a well placed fireball – that shook the entry hall setting three of the creatures on fire! The fighter rushed ahead delivering massive blows obliterating two of the gargoyles – some not reacting fast enough, while Fiolin sends blast after blast of Eldritch arcane energy at them pushing them back against walls and crashing through adjoining doors.

Feeling more confident, the Ranger and others picked them off one by one in the confusion,. A wall of fire burned the remaining few forcing them to retreat to another hallway. But a sleetstorm and spikes awaited them, as they couldn’t stand up long enough to get away, their own doomed sealed.

As the battle ended, the darkness crept back into the castle and storm outside raged on. After investigating a few rooms and corridors, the Lost made their way to a large darkened throne room.

A laugh greeted them as they realized who it was….Strahd himself!!



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