Gods & Monsters: Curse of Strahd

Strange Bedfellows

From the Chronicles of Fiolin

Who Fucking Cares…

Half the party fucks off, the other half are barely awake.
- Shawn coordinates his wardrobe.


Alan drinks the potion, and rips the tree out of the ground , wonders out loud what the point of it all is.
Party heads back to near Vallaki.
Damian @ Winery pays us for 2nd Gem, 330GP, 610EP, with a Potion of Superior Healing and a Potion of Speed.

Party approaches walled village with Abbey of St. Markovia
- Hardly any guards…?
- I say “I DON’T NEED NO FUCKING GATE” and then I fly over the damn gate.
Alan and DM rolling in the Deep :)

Burgermaster 2: The Quickening or The Search for Burger’s Gold or The Wrath of the Burger, or Attack of the Burgers. – ode to Lord Dimity Krezkov

Dumbass escort mission ( I advised against) – oh hey we get ambushed what a fucking surprise
Encounter – Dire Wolves x5, Bandit Gladiator x1
- Kip Spikes the Punch
- DM “allows” some Piercing Damage
- Alan does what he does.
- Kip burns something…
- Shawn deals 1d4 Ego damage
- Alan finally helps out in combat
- I makes wolves go pop!
- Kip can prevent forest fires

Back to the Abbey
- How many gazeebos do you shemales need?
- Alan bullshits his way out of an evil save for trying to DROWN A FUCKING PARTY MEMBER!
- I let Alan live… (For now)

An evil laughter pours out of the Abbey



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