Gods & Monsters: Curse of Strahd

The Brave and the Foolhardy

Making sense of a foreboding place that used to be a place of light made no sense to Deathreaper as he cautiously examined the old torn tapestries that adorned the great hall of this place. Argynvostholt must have been really something in its day. Depictions of grand Knights and fierce weapons were evident throughout the main foyer.

But something had taken hold here – as it has with many places in this accursed realm. It seems though the Knights of the Order of the Silver Dragon were killed, their vow to rid the land of evil was so strong it had turned them into something else: Revenants. Ghost-like vestiges whose memory of their vow was so strong that even in death they could not rest. Thus they became filled with anger and rage that has lasted for a couple centuries.

Being forced to destroy three of them in the chapel was regrettable to the wizard, but he was left with no choice. Deathreaper tried to protect his comrades from giant spiders in a ruined crumbled bedroom on the third floor, only to be chastised by a confused acolyte of something called a C’thulhu. His relationship to Fiolan has never been productive. Actually, he had mused to himself, that a well placed fireball would do wonders for both his sanity and goal of purging evil around him. But as always he acquiesced.

However, his own quandary had to wait, having met a revenant named Sir Godfrey, he now had a more pressing quest to deal with: The restoration of this once bastion for good. Fiolan may be beyond redemption, but for now, he would need the warlock’s help and that of the tiefling if he and the others were to succeed in ultimately destroying Strahd and returning home.



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