Gods & Monsters: Curse of Strahd

The Dark & the Light

Chronicles of Fiolin - Super Warlock

Don’t Bring around a Cloud to Rain on MY PARADE!

Fog of War (Kip rolls Slow as Fuck)
Anton Scalia disappears
Ricardo is drunk and falls down
Some Leather boys appear in front of the party
Robert casts badass magic 2 plays creepy music
Alan rolls low then hides


Alan casts Burning Cross – and feels White GUILT as a minor action

Robert makes a guys head explode and then makes it unexplode

5 Highwaymen 301 XP 244CP 135EP

Alan tries to pick my pocket and loses some blood

Mysterios Sad Swordsman…..Ghost Dragon?

MTV Cribs: Barovia Edition –
Dragon Statue – collapsed 3rd floor, unkept Yard

“Retrieve my head from the Castle of the Raven and return it to my mansion and all with be as it was before”

Argynvost ?" Hold? (Mike SPEAK UP PLEASE)

Black sarcophagus (wine glasses) Hidden door, wounded Elf (Egbert)

Hey Lets waste spells on this random asshole
Looking for his sister Arabell

Egbert reveals the location of the Amber Temple

A dirty kitchen, a dirtier bedroom, Chapel of Dark Badness, Alan rolls a 20 on his pout check

-End of Log.


The Fog of bore. And. . . Ambushed by bitches. Wait why the hell is the only dismount walking in front? Hey, lets put the guy with the lowest toughness in front, cause thats a good idea. . . Fuck my party is retarted.
Princess Fiona is on her high horse again. . . Literally and figuratively. Guess it’s easy to be a self-righteous when a leprechaun crawls up you ass. rest of us have to earn it. We win the fight of course and I feel as if Fiona could stand to walk for a bit, so that I can do something useful, somthing other the pop melons. We bicker, then ass boy sucks my life away like he is sucking on Cuthulu’s c**k. New he was an evil son of a bitch, he just proved it, I move on with half my hit points cause I am tough like that. Why let the guy injured by his own party member get a ride? My party is full of selfish pricks.

OK, we are continuing on our mission to recover the wine gems. We are on a mission to recover the wine g. . . Oooh look! Squirrel! . . . We are searching the ruins of some old ass sacked mansion.
Dead guy: "Bring my head back and all will be as it once was. "
Party: " OK, lets go in the mansion and search the place and then pick a fight with the very ghosts we are trying to save". How do a group of people collectively decide to abbandon a mission to to the exact opposite of another mission?


The Dark & the Light

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