Darkness has met its match!


Female Tiefling Warlock

Eyes Blue-Orange
Weight 115lbs
Hair Red
Skin Pale-to off pinkish red
Height 5’6"


Scalara’s past is a mysterious one. She was found as a
child on the front doorstep to a monastary for Mystra
outside of Suzail in Cormyr. Though raised by a human
priestess, she didn’t much care for the devout but wanted
the knowledge instead.
Long years went by as she went through her tutaloge,
trying to make the best of it. She thought that as she
approached her fifteenth year, she would set out on her
own and find out the truth. But unfortunately, fate took
her on another road. Just before her birthday, her
demonic heritage began to take root. Overnight, she
grew small demonic horns and her ears sharpened tighter
than and elf’s. As anger and fear took her, her eyes
began to swell with a deep orange, mimicking that of
candlelight on a moonless sky.
She ran to her adopted mother reluctantly, for Valira did
not know what was happening to her. She had read of
other races from the outer planes, and she also knew they
were shunned in human societies. She expected to be
tossed out into the street.
But as she wiped away tears, she made her way to her
adopted mother’s quarters inside the small temple to
Mystra. “What is it my child?” She asked, still facing a
mirror as she brushed her own hair, finally stopping when
Scalara said nothing
“What is it? What has upset you?”
Stepping inside, she ran to the priestess’ knees nearly
falling on them.
Through sobs and soft screams, “Why is this happening
to me? What have I done wrong? Was it because I did not
attend services? Did you forsake me? Why have I been
Ready to accept what came next, Valira again wiped
away tears and tried to find the courage to resolve
herself. But what happened next she could not have
Shelyn stood up slowly from her vanity placing her hands
and arms around Valira to stand her up.
“No child, you are not cursed. Your choices and dreams
are your own. But you are not wholly human. You are
touched with the blood of the Infernal. Most likely one of
your birth parents but I could not say which.”
“So…so I am a freak? How am I supposed to go out into
the world looking like this?”
“By wearing it well – when the need arises. And when it
doesn’t, this should help you.”


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